The Varmints Return

I stockpiled cardboard boxes for use in my garden and under the rock garden.

I’ve been composting kitchen scraps all winter.

So what happens? A varmint slips into the O.K. Chorale’s backyard and explores (read: trashes) my resources.

Growl. That's me growling, not the critter.

Growl. That’s me growling, not the critter.

This one must have tiny hands, er, paws, to fit inside the holes in the compost bin and pull out strips of parchment paper. Given time, that parchment paper will decompose. Give it time, varmint!

The pizza boxes were easy to stack. The furry creature (I don’t think it’s feathered, really) just made a mess. It didn’t destroy anything. Maybe it doesn’t like cheese.

But anyway, back at the O.K. Chorale, temperatures have gone down to the level of Snow Flurries again. No outdoor work today! Growl.

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2 thoughts on “The Varmints Return

  1. BTW, I have access to rabbit traps.
    I personally would not use pizza boxes on the garden. I know you did not ask my opinion but,,,,,, There are large amounts of glue used in their construction. I would not trust it.

    I suggest marsh hay or straw. Regular hay has seeds.

    I try to be green.

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