>The rivalry continues

>What’s harder than driving on the expressway around Chicago during rush hour and road construction? Driving a news truck with “Green Bay” emblazoned on it in huge letters, through Chicago, in the week before the Packers play the Bears.

Yes, husband was on a work-related trip last week that required he drive the news truck through Chicago on his way to his destination. The reactions, let’s just say, were many and varied. The most creative had to be the toll booth worker who asked if he was a spy.

Now that he’s home (and safely, I might add), we can watch tonight’s game in peace and — well, you know that in our house, it won’t be quiet.

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5 thoughts on “>The rivalry continues

  1. >Ah! Rivalry! We have our own going on here! Of course the Red Sox just clinched their series (Yippee!) and the Yankees are hanging on by a thread (poor hubby!).

  2. >Amazing, isn’t it, how these rivalries take over! I’m going to tell Husband that I’m glad he’s not wearing Diamondbacks colors. I feel for the Cubs fans; they have an awful lot in common with those of us who back the Pack.

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