>The new garden is in! Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

>Chuck put in a few blueberry bushes! I hope we get to the berries before the birds do.

Meanwhile, I put in the tomatoes and peppers and a little broccoli.

Meanwhile, I turned to the side and realized that in our attentiveness to the new plot, we had neglected the old.

Chuck repurposed the old fence boards (see below left) to be a walkway in the new plot.

Meanwhile, I raked out as many of the maple helicopter seedlings as I could. Maples are lovely, but geez! They really overdo this reproduction business.
Finally, I planted beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, and squash.
Whew! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’ll be time to put away all the clean laundry – but that’s another post.

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