>The freezer just died.

>Let me explain. The new, small chest freezer with a big red bow on the top was a Christmas present. No, I’m not interested in anyone telling me that a freezer can’t be a gift; I like it. It’s small, it’s energy efficient, it fits in an area convenient to the kitchen, it’s perfect. I got my husband an ice cream maker, so we’re even, okay?
And since it was my “gift” a mere two weeks ago, this lovely appliance is still under warranty.
But…it’s a weekend. It’s a playoff weekend. Husband is working sixteen hours minimum today, and will work close to that tomorrow. If the freezer needs to be moved and physically taken back to the store, my aching back and I are out of luck.
Oh, yes, and the food. Luckily, the ice bottles in the bottom are still frozen, so I’m leaving it closed and hoping nothing thaws too completely. If it hasn’t re-started by tomorrow morning, I’ll move the most perishable items to the regular freezer and park the rest in a cooler outside on the deck. There must be some perks to living in the region of so-called frozen tundra.
I’m reacting to this stress in a typical way; I did extra cleaning and housework. The rabbits are fed, their boxes are cleaned, the laundry is started, the recycling is out, and the dishwasher is ready to run. It’s like “nesting instinct,” but no one is expecting. At least, no one is expecting any guests or new family members.
I think I’m pushing myself to exhaustion so I’ll be tired enough to sleep despite the worry.
It’s almost working.

Update: Freezer is online again — literally! It turned out to be an outlet that was turned off at the switch, an outlet that I didn’t know was dependent on a switch. Whew. I’m glad it was a simple solution. I’m also glad that Husband got it figured out before we lost any food. 🙂 Now we can relax and watch the playoffs. Or is that an oxymoron?

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5 thoughts on “>The freezer just died.

  1. >Oh, that’s so sad! We got a chest freezer for Christmas, too… but then we realized we didn’t have enough money to stock up on bulk food items. So it’s still unplugged. 🙂 We’ll get there eventually. My mom uses her sun porch as a freezer during the winter. Especially handy around the holidays since she cooks large batches of meals ahead of time and reheats them on the special day. It’s kind of like those classic pictures of using the snow bank as a beer cooler, but without the snow or the beer. Go Pack!

  2. >How very sad! I’m so glad you have outside freezer ability, though. I want a freezer, but there are no outlets in my garage. 🙁 We had to leave our freezer in Florida and it’s the thing I miss most. Hope you get yours up and running soon.

  3. >Your uncle has a truck. You could have called him. We also have room in our freezer.

    I would considering “hard wiring” the freezer outlet. Preferably on a dedicated breaker.

    There is nothing worse than losing a freezer full of food.

  4. >Oh how upset you would have been if you had actually lugged the freezer back to the stort before figuring out that it was the outlet.

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