The Family Bible

Courtesy of his web site and records of his family history, someone found him in a search. The email they sent read something like this.

My husband picked up an old, old family bible in a batch of misc. from an estate sale. We have no need for it, and I feel that it should stay with family. Let me know if you want it; I’ll ship it to you.


Of course he said yes. The bible came to us, and we carefully, carefully opened the box.


bible packaging


binding - aged to perfection

binding – aged to perfection

the inscription

the inscription

And finally, the inscription: this bible was presented to Elizabeth Dane in 1835, around the time she married Thomas Dane, from her parents, James and Frances Locke. These ancestors lead directly to Chuck’s family. In fact, we spent some time in Lockeport, Nova Scotia a few years ago to dig for more information about the Dane and Locke families.

Based on some investigation, we believe it was a Baptist bible of the time. And as we tenderly turned the pages, we found…. oh, that’s another post in itself.


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