>The eyes have it


Paperwork. I felt like I was signing as many documents as I did when we refinanced the mortgage. This time it isn’t the house at stake; it’s my vision. There was so much to browse that they gave me a tote bag to carry it all home! Sneaky advertising for the clinic, I guess; tote bag, sunglasses, and coffee mug.

Why all the paperwork? I’m getting cataracts removed in October. I’m also opting for the most expensive (read: not covered by insurance) replacement lenses. I rationalized it this way:
  • The cost will pay for itself. No more glasses, contacts, or related expenses.
  • I’m considered “young” for this surgery. I have many years ahead in which to enjoy good vision. I did laugh that 50 is considered young; I was the oldest in the waiting room at the OB/GYN, well past my prime baby years.
  • My hearing loss is progressive; it will get worse. I need my vision at its best.
Good enough? I hope so. It’s going to be painful paying for this — much more than the surgery itself. Deep breath, tighten the belt, harvest fresh food from garden….

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