>The Adventures of Sun-Loving Rat

>Hi, I’m Sun-lovin’ Rat! I came from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada to visit Daisy and family. Any visit to the O-K Chorale (yes, I did mean to spell it that way! ) includes a road trip of some sort.

On our way out of a medical appointment we stopped at the golden arches. Mmmm, fries. That huge Ronald guy was kind of scary, though.
Next we drove a long, long way to drop off Amigo at the school for the blind. We got him there just in time for track practice. The Visitor tags were so cool I decided to wear mine all the way home.
It was a beautiful day for a long drive; I think I napped a little. The seats in Chuck’s Saturn are a nice gray color, just like Sun-Lovin’ Rat!

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