>That which was lost, is now found.

>It was a rainy and windy day in October, not a dark and stormy night, but it was still unpleasant. My fellow teacher and I made it a little more pleasant by going out to lunch after a half day of school. During that lunch I took off my lanyard and dropped my jump drive into my bag behind the car seat – or so I thought.

As the weekend went on, I looked for the jump drive. It was nowhere to be found. I thought “Maybe it’s at school,” even thought I knew better. When I got back to school on Monday, my friend agreed: she remembered my taking it off and putting it in my bag, saying “I might need this to get some work done this weekend.” So the mystery was yet unsolved.
I kept looking, started using the back-up files from my hard drives, compiling them once again in a convenient place.
In mid-December on a truly dark and stormy night, Chuck encountered a surprise. He was dressing himself to clear the driveway of snow, reaching for gloves and a hat, when he dislodged an umbrella standing in the same area of the back hallway. As he reached for the umbrella, something fell out.

You guessed it, readers. My long lost jump drive!!
Okay, readers, now it’s up to you. How can I make sure I don’t lose this again? Any tips? Tricks? Smart remarks? Okay, forget the last one. But seriously. How can I keep my portable memory intact and nearby?

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