>Ten Places to Hide Zucchini

>Two years ago I posted Ten Ways to Leave your Zucchini.
Last year the garden hardly produced any zucchini at all.

This year, we again have a bumper crop. Since you can simply click to find 10 Ways to Leave (and you don’t have to slip out the back, Jack), I’ll take another angle this time.

Beyond the Muffins: Ten Places to Hide Zucchini

1. Spaghetti sauce; the chunkier the better
2. Soup
3. Salads
4. Meatballs or Meatloaf
5. Lasagna
6. Scrambled eggs or omelets
7. Noddles/ Rice/ Orzo
8. Tacos, burritos, or quesadillas
9. Fruit cobbler or crisp
10. Cookies!! Yes, honestly, cookies.

Okay, readers, the challenge is now yours: can you come up with another 10 ways to incorporate zucchini into foodstuffs, visible or not? Leave another suggestion in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “>Ten Places to Hide Zucchini

  1. >You forgot zucchini bread!!! Are you the one who recently posted a recipe for chocolate zucchini bread? Cuz that looked awesome too!

  2. >I have a recipe for zucchini chocolate cake (with choc. chips).
    And don't forget the ever popular "leave it on the neighbor's door step"

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