Talking back to FaceBook -or- Too Many Tomatoes

Facebook just can’t let me be me. The pretend personality behind the site keeps asking questions, almost like posing a meme for a blog blast.

What’s on your mind? Why, thank you for asking, Facebook. I thought no one cared. But to be honest, FB, I usually air my deepest thoughts on my blog or to my network on Plurk, rather than share it in the most public place possible. And yes, indeed, FB, despite the privacy settings, I’m certain that much more of the private me gets out to the public than I realize.

What’s really on my mind, you might wonder? Too Many Tomatoes, that’s what. Famous last words of mine: Oh, I don’t need to store them in newspaper or a paper bag to slow the ripening process. We’ll just eat them or cook them as they ripen. 

I have so many tomatoes that I need to make something, and fast, before they rot. That’s the last word.

So I asked Da Boyz, a.k.a. Amigo and Chuck, whether I should put together another batch of tomato sauce or salsa, and they answered — Tomato Pie! 

What? Tomato pie? I gave in and looked it up. Courtesy of Zorba Paster’s Heart Healthy Recipes, we’re having Tomato Pie for Eating the Opponent: Philadephia.

And I still have enough left over for a generous batch of salsa.

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