>Super Bowl Monday, Monday

>The last time the Patriots met the Giants in the Big Game, I wrote a post the next day. I pulled it up during halftime (sorry, Madonna fans) and reminisced a little.

My excuse for Starbucks went something like this: I’d sure like to get a New York Times to see their sports coverage, so I might as well buy one where I can get good coffee.
I’ve been walking to school more often, but school isn’t far from the downtown Starbucks. I could still do this.
I didn’t see much of Peyton Manning. Last time these two teams met, Peyton was in a box (with camera on his every move) to watch his little brother. This time they’re in his team’s home stadium, but Peyton isn’t there. His injury, potentially career-ending, is a factor, I’m sure. But not cheer on the brother?

What’s it like to be Mom Manning in a household with that much testosterone? Or is she just kind of like Wisconsin women, who know football and cheer as loudly as the men? If her older boys, Cooper and Peyton, are home with her watching the game, I hope they brought the beer.
Last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl, the Patriots had gotten into some trouble earlier in the season for stealing signals by taking video of their opponents. They should have just stuck to Eating the Opponents like we do. We ate both last night, with a New York dish (Chicken Riggies) recommended by one of the reporters covering the Bowl for NY, and our standard New England clam chowder.
Last time I wondered if Belichek was in a hurry to leave the field thinking, “Oh, well, now I can wash that filthy sweatshirt I’ve been wearing superstitiously all season. Might as well get at it right away.” My students recently read and discussed a story about superstitions. I can’t believe I didn’t bring up Bill Belichek’s ratty sweatshirt on the sidelines. Does he ever wash that thing? No, don’t answer that.
There were a lot of flags this year. Super Bowl being the best of the best in the NFL, I didn’t expect to see so many errors. Tom Brady, a safety? Twelve men on the field or in the huddle? By the time a team arrives at the Big Bowl, this kind of penalty ought to be over and done with.
Last time I also predicted that the Giants and Packers would meet again. They did meet in the postseason this year, with an outcome that was sad for those of us around Lambeau Field. Eli, we may meet again. But look out; next time the Packers are bringing their defense.

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