>Staying sane in an insane world

>Well, attempting to keep my sanity intact, at least.

Seeking out supportive people:
  • I had lunch with a former colleague, saw pictures of her grandson
  • a neighboring teacher brings me Starbucks frequently
  • I continue to take training with a literacy coach I respect, and she is one of my strongest advocates.
  • I truly appreciate a husband who not only fixes the house, but cooks like an Iron Chef.
Actively taking care of health:
  • My Neti Pot and me, we’re friends. Friends don’t let friends get sinus infections.
  • My multi-vitamin + iron, it’s my pal. Anemia, begone!
  • Weekends are for napping, sleeping in, and drinking lots of fluids. Laundry can wait.
Actively seeking out opportunities for relaxation
  • fire in the fireplace on a rainy day: warm and cozy.
  • nibbling on chocolate cake made with the last garden zucchini: delicious.
  • pumpkin pie spice flavor in my Dashboard Joe coffee: sweet.
  • Watching the Wisconsin Badgers with my sporty son: priceless.

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