>Spring (Garden!) Fever

>Yes, I’m getting restless. In terms of health and well-being, I think it’s a good sign. The problem is, I can’t get out and play in the dirt yet – my garden areas are still covered with snow. Did I mention that yesterday? Uh-huh, I’m a little obsessed. Since I can’t get play in the dirt yet, I spent part of today reading about others and their plots.

Mother Nature Network titled their feature “Save money, reduce stress, and make tastier meals through gardening.” Wow, that’s some pretty high expectations for a patch of soil! My favorite advice from this piece: conserve water with a rain barrel. Mine are still upside down; the weather needs to get a bit warmer and the ground a bit more solid before I set them up to collect rain water.
The Eco Women ask “Do you Grow Your Own?” In the midst of the many choices gardeners make, it’s easy to overdo. Recycla of the Eco-Women reminds beginning gardeners to start small and choose wisely. Do the research: read the books, check the library, read the blogs and the web sites that pertain to your zone.
As long as it’s getting warmer, I think it’s time for me to start putting this together.

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