Spring Fever – again? Or still?

It had to happen. The local rag had a big feature on Garden Tips. Most are tips and tricks I’ve already used or at least read about, such as using eggshells in the soil to contribute to tomato plant growth, or planting marigolds to discourage wild bunnies and mosquitoes. I’ve saved my eggshells a few times, and I finally decided it was just as good to compost the shells with the rest of the kitchen waste. The whole mix will eventually become one with the soil.

And then I began a project of cleaning my inbox(es). I’d saved an email containing this link, hoping that Chuck might build one for our backyard.

Not just for Strawberries!

Not just for Strawberries!

My strawberries, if they made it through the winter, are growing in an old wicker hamper. This looks a lot nicer. Or it could house herbs – parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and who knows what else?

As if we didn’t have enough locavore motivation already, the California drought will push produce prices sky high next winter if not sooner. 2014 might be the summer we give in and buy a second freezer. A freezer full of fruits and veggies bought fresh would certainly beat overpriced, poor quality, imported-from-the-coast foods.

Meanwhile, back at the O.K. Chorale, I feel the need to do something – anything. My to-do list for tomorrow has one pre-garden task on it: bring in the rest of the pots for starting seeds before it snows again and puts them out of reach! 

So, readers, join me. What kind of happenings are causing spring fever for you? Comment, please. I’m getting lonely for comments.

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5 thoughts on “Spring Fever – again? Or still?

  1. Spring fever with the guys I do breakfast with is reaching the critical stage. We hope to be on the river within 30 days fishing for the walleye run. We are taking long trips to gun and fishing stores spending more money than we should.

    We are dreaming of a possible Elk hunt in the fall. But, what would we do with 400 lbs of prime Elk meat.

    You mentioned rabbits in your post recently. Our hunting lands have decreasing numbers of rabbits. Coyote, fox, owls, hawks and eagles are the problem there. We have not yet seen a wolf on our land. Last fall we got our first bear on our trail camera.

    I imagine the talk at breakfast today will be the governor, fishing walleye, elk and deer hunts- not nescessarily in that order.

    • Good question! We tend to use repurposed lumber most of the time. My new expanded garden plot is framed with lumber that was destined for a dumpster until Chuck rescued it for me.

      • That makes me feel better to used repurposed lumber. All new lumber is treated. I built my deer blind with treated lumber and vegetation near the bottom of the support poles is dead. Make sure your re-purposes lumber does not have lead paint.

        Now, if I could buy seeds that have not been genetically altered.

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