>Since school started…

>Since school started, I haven’t —

  • gone thrift store shopping
  • prepared a donation box for Goodwill
  • gotten out my winter Packers gear
  • brought in firewood
  • redecorated the fireplace mantel
Why does any of that matter? Well…
I create holiday gifts from thrift store finds, and that takes time. If I start now, I might find some decent baskets for my homemade goodies.
I have a pile of potential donations sitting in the corner of my bedroom. These pieces were taking up space in my dresser; now they’re taking up space on my floor.
Packer gear? Good heavens, need you ask? My pink Packers polo won’t last into December – maybe not even November.
As for the fireplace, it’s fireplace weather. Damp, cool, not enough to turn the heat on, just enough that a fire in the fireplace will take the edge off the dampness.
The current display of Amigo’s awards is a special collection. Since the Brewers are in the MLB playoffs and the Super Bowl Champion Packers started out 3-0, I think it’s time for a sports themed mantel again.
There you have it; my October goals. Can I do it? Maybe. In between cataract surgeries and schools testing trips and who knows what else….

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