>simple pleasures

>*sitting on a backyard swing after supper and feeling the week’s tension drain from my shoulders
*watching El Grande pet the neighbor’s dog and explain to me, “she’s not whining, she just has anxiety.”
*enjoying the scent of clean red cedar litter in the bunny hutch
*giving a now-healthy bunny his last dose of antibiotics
*harvesting a monster tomato just as it ripens
*seeing two green zucchini trying to grow
*handing a bunny a big leaf from the broccoli plant and seeing him practically inhale it
*knowing the final Jeopardy answer, er, question
*getting email updates from La Petite at college
*snuggling a bunny in the backyard swing, listening to crickets chirping
*knowing that my alarm won’t go off at 5:30 tomorrow morning
Now that’s priceless.

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2 thoughts on “>simple pleasures

  1. >I love this.

    I could kiss El Grande…anytime you can write about him, it helps me.. it heals me…


    Is it the simplicity in contrast with my (self-induced) complexity?

    I crave these simple observations, the descriptions of a life different than mine, but the same –

  2. >I don’t work anymore, but the weekends are still days to laze around and not do much household stuff.

    Enjoy not getting up to the alarm.

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