>Simple Pleasures

>Simple Pleasures while not working, that is. Listing positives is a good exercise in addressing depression. It’s also a good way to focus my thoughts on life as it is, not as it “should” or could be.

These lists must avoid sarcasm. Do you know how hard that is? A list of cynical positives might include:
  • I don’t have to teach through flu season! No danger of catching it myself, leading to multiple sick days and huge amounts of substitute lesson plans. No stacks of make up work for kids who miss multiple days of school, either. Yeah!!
  • I don’t have to teach Valentine’s Day! The sugar hell, I mean sugar heaven – the holiday that’s not a school holiday and really shouldn’t even happen in class but I’d be in so much trouble with parents if I didn’t allow kids to pass out their little cards and candy – oh, thank goodness I don’t have to teach Valentine’s Day!!
But these are cynical, even sarcastic suggestions. While these are legitimate thoughts and legitimate reasons to be happy, they’re not the kind of positives on which I need to focus. Here’s a second try.
  • I get to read the morning paper in the morning, taking my time reading the whole thing.
  • I can take my time getting dressed, and then I can dress casually.
  • Lunches are relaxed rather than rushed. I can actually cook a decent and nutritious lunch and take my time eating it.
  • I can watch the early news shows. It’s a guilty pleasure, watching the features in between the real news, but it’s a pleasure all the same.
  • Cooking supper is more relaxed, too. I can thaw something and cook it, taking my time, because I’m not rushed between school and supper. I have more time to think and plan meals in general. Hopefully that will be a plus for my health (darn this anemia) and not a weight gain!
There are more simple pleasures while on this lengthy sick leave. I’ll share more later, and I promise to do my best to avoid the sarcastic versions. I’ll think them (oh, you know I will!), but I (probably) won’t post those.
Readers, here’s your challenge. Leave a comment with at least one positive element in your life right now. Humor is fine, but no cynicism or sarcasm allowed!!

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