>Savoring Spring

>When Jordan from Mammablogga proposed “Savoring the Season” for her next group writing project, I thought, savor what?
I live in Wisconsin not only because I was born here, but because I like it. I enjoy the seasons changing: the cool winds of autumn with colorful leaves falling all around. Sipping my morning coffee on the deck outside my dining room door in the comfort of summer. Winter, with its crisp, icy beauty, and the snow blanketing the world, sending us inside for hot cocoa topped with marshmallows and whipped cream.
But now, right now, I’ve had enough of winter. The snow that remains has melted and refrozen, with as much dirt and road salt in it as actual snow. The heaps in parking lots resemble glaciers, odd-shaped and huge, with a small trickle melting from beneath leading to the nearest sewer grate. It’s not pretty.
Something resembling grass lies matted flat, in shades of tan and brown, on soaked yard. I can’t see my garden yet or reach the compost bin.
It’s coming, though. I can smell it in the air. Or maybe that’s just mud…or the molds and spores thawing to make my allergies explode inside my sinuses.
Spring is on the way. I bought seeds! I have to be an optimist! The glass is half full! Either that or that drink I just poured has frozen in the sub-freezing temperatures that persist.
That wind — it’s a warm one, isn’t it? Oh, I give in, get my gloves. Any wind, though, will help melt or sublimate the remaining solid. Apply a little science, and I’ll feel better.
Winter? She’s a queen, and the queen will take her time before abdicating the throne to that young sprout, Spring.
And when spring really turns up, and the grass really gets green, and the compost is happening again, I’ll rejoice. And I’ll savor every moment.

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9 thoughts on “>Savoring Spring

  1. >When contemplating the allergy season, hit the farmer’s market and pick up some local honey. My husband and others swear by it. Something about the way the bees process the histamines in your local pollens to counter the effect. It takes time to build up in your system, and you should probably have about a teaspoon a day. Bummer, eating honey. 🙂

    Sorry, that’s my latest gem and I just had to share!

  2. >I have a teaspoon of honey in my tea every morning….does that count too?

    I love Pennsylvania for the same reasons you love Wisconsin. The changing seasons are wonderful…..and yes, winter is finally letting go here. I can actually see buds on the trees!!!!

  3. >I started planning my garden in January (though I haven’t actually done anything for it since then…)

    We had snow on Sunday. Sigh.

    Thanks for participating!

  4. >I’m in the frozen tundra, too, and I can’t wait for spring to get here. I wish it would make up its mind and stay!

    I’m in the midwest like you. Wishing for temperatures above 55 degrees… 🙂

  5. >My step children live in WI and the winters are harsh. I’m originally from upstate NY and they seemed endless.

    Let’s hope Spring comes and stays!

  6. >I know where you are coming from. There is still a snow bank obstructing my kitchen window, but through it, I am starting to see patches of lawn (or is that unraked leaves from the fall?).

    Spring will come. Have faith!

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