>Saturday thoughts

>Maybe I’m overworked. Maybe I’m just feeling a little cabin fever. But really, why has this robin been around our house for so long? Most of his friends headed south last fall. He stayed through the winter. He must be freezing his tailfeathers.

And who is this? Did I really work one of my students to the bone? Has he or she really collapsed and wasted away to nothing in the Book Nook?

I’m not sure, but I think it is sporting a few artificial joints, too. Did this one get retained in fourth grade a few too many times?

Perhaps it’s just the season. I think I’d better turn off the camera – or at least start teaching a new science unit!

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2 thoughts on “>Saturday thoughts

  1. >Good lord, your working your students to death! I've heard of dedication but come on…(LOL)
    And as for the robin, you must have some really great seed!!!

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