Rock Garden Re-do

While I wait for the planting season, I’m still playing in the dirt. Chuck turned the soil, and then I took the large rake to it, chopped up the larger clumps, and spread it a bit more evenly. Next on the fill-the-time list: the rock garden.

I usually forget to take the “before” picture that makes a Before and After interesting. Oops, I did it again. In its place I will share two “during” photos. The top shot shows the stones still covering the ground, but most of the larger rocks have been moved, relocated until I’m done with the work.

The next point of view is the long shot, taken lower in order to better share the overview. There’s still a little soil in the foreground. I expect that will eventually fill with the ever-spreading mums. Next to the porch are a few bulbs: daffodils, a tulip or two, and a few Asian lilies. The blank spaces in between are temporarily hosting a few of the big rocks.
The plan:
  • Take the entire collection out.
  • Place new barriers (corrugated cardboard and/or newspaper) on the mint-filled and weed-filled soil.
  • Dump stones back on top of barriers.
  • Artistically place the larger rocks.
  • Hope for the best.
Readers, I’m sure I’ll have an After shot for you when it’s done. While you wait, tell me: what kind of projects are keeping you busy while you wait for planting season?

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