>Remodeling the Old Homestead: During

>Want brick and mortar? I’ll give you brick and mortar. This is in what’s left of the master bedroom; it’s the chimney. See those 2X4s? They really measure 2″ by 4″. Yes, they’re that old.

This is what remains of the bathroom.

When was this tile put in? Any ideas? It was under carpet since the 1970s at least.

And last, but not least, here’s the hallway. On the left is the new bathroom. On the right will be the new laundry. Straight ahead? The main bedroom still stands, without walls. The bedroom without walls; couldn’t that be a country tune? No, never mind.

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3 thoughts on “>Remodeling the Old Homestead: During

  1. >Hi, Chuck here. That tile was covered up by a previous (and poorly designed) bathroom remodel in 1986 by an earlier homeowner.

    The neat and tidiness was because autistic, blind Amigo still had to navigate to and use his bedroom.

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