>Recall! Recall! Now the real work begins.

>More than one million signatures on recall petitions.

Petitions weighing over 3,000 lbs.
Soon-to-be-former Governor Walker was booed and hissed at MLK Jr. Day event.
It’s a beautiful day in the Progressive Voters’ Neighborhood. If that’s not the name of an organization yet, it should be.
Now: the real work begins. It’s time to educate the public. It’s time to let the voters know about the damage Scott Walker has done and continues to do to our state. It’s time to inform voters that the slick, highly produced ads contain inaccuracies and skirt the issues. It’s time to expose Walker’s puppeteers, show where his campaign money originates, and why that’s bad for the average Wisconsinite.
One step at a time. I helped collect signatures, and now I’ll help educate the public. It’s who I am. It’s what I do.

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