Read it again! And again!

When I write for Connections Academy’s national blog, my drafts go through at least three other people before I see a “final” draft that’s ready for my approval. This time I made a few more changes. I moved two sentences in order to practice what I preach in class and keep the content of a paragraph related to the topic sentence. I asked (politely, but I did ask) that most of the exclamation points be changed to periods, as it really didn’t sound like “my voice” the way it was. To be totally truthful, I felt like it read like a late-night ad on TV. “Buy before midnight and you’ll get two! Two for the price of one! And a wall holder, too! Such a deal!”

Finally, I chose a title from the SEO-generated list. I refused to choose one that singled out Moms with no mention of Dads or other extended family. I preferred the title that used the word Power, but I didn’t want to specify children, either, so I added my two cents to the title as well.

Believe it or not, the corporate social media gurus accepted my suggestions and my request for calmer punctuation so the content could speak for itself. Here it is, readers, Daisy’s latest post on the education front.

The Power of Rereading with Kids of All Ages

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2 thoughts on “Read it again! And again!

  1. What is a SEO generated list of titles? Is this blog directed to parents, teachers etc? I would hope all teachers would already have a firm handle on the concepts. I remember my favorites and I am 60 years old.
    Billy Goat Gruff. —- still in print
    little black Sambo–out of print for good reason
    Childeens bible stories. —- still in print.

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