Life changes all too quickly, it seems. Amigo moved home from his training program early and unexpectedly. Now we are searching for other training opportunities so he can enter the working world and be a productive young adult. We have a few leads, and the whole family is re-calibrating and setting forth on a new route.

Teaching in Wisconsin is insecure at best. In the current political climate, none of us are certain if or where we’ll be teaching in the near future, much less the long term. Talks at the lunch table and coffeepot reflect this.

On one hand, I continue to seek out opportunities to teach summer school. I attended an online meeting Friday that explained a lot of the ins and outs and details of teaching online summer school. La Petite, if I get hired, your old room converts totally to office space.

On another hand, a coworker suggested I sign up to review books written for young readers. Every time I review, we get a set of books free. As I submitted my first review, I noticed a check box on the form asking “Are you interested in writing children’s books?” I checked yes. The response was “Please call!” with a phone number.

But on the other hand (teachers have many hands), the latest virus (human, not computer) caused a persistent cough that led to laryngitis.

Re-calibrating! I sent a return email saying I’d call as soon as I could speak and included a potential project idea. At the very least, it will be fun. Even if it’s only a few bucks, the exposure will be priceless.


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