Random Truths

Actual words of wisdom and words of lesser wisdom heard and seen in my world:

“You never know how bumpy a road is until you drive on it when you have to pee.”

Work related memo (not mine!) – “The meeting is cancelled. We are sorry for any incontinence this might have caused.”

Actual experience: the office supply store doesn’t stock bookmarks. Nope, not the old fashioned kind that goes in an old fashioned book. I had to go to a school supply store and search through the cutesie ones until I found something suitable for my fifth and sixth graders – something colorful, but not childish.

Meanwhile, I’ll reread Charlotte’s Web to make sure I’m ready to teach it. Bring on the tissue box!

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2 thoughts on “Random Truths

  1. I have a huge supply of great bookmarks, and now I know why I keep them around! Students like bookmarks, too, especially the good substantial ones.

  2. # 1. If you are on a bumpy road and have to pee pull over and do it.
    #2. You don’t need bookmarks. Just fold the corner of the page over. You save a tree by not using a bookmark.

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