Random Thoughts – on life

On checking my corporate email – I hope all the spammers are getting blasted with auto-responses like mine. It would serve them right to have their servers overwhelmed with useless emails.

Where do peppercorns come from? Can I grow them in my backyard? Chuck did a little research, and he says no. I guess we’ll keep shopping at Penzey’s Spices.

Can I say I’m beefing up a dish if what I’m really doing is sneaking in grated zucchini?

Why is parsley growing in my rhubarb patch? Can I blame the same little guerrilla gardener that stole my garlic?

I planted cilantro. Where did this thyme come from, and where is the cilantro?

And finally, can I make good use of my teacher discounts, small though they might be, to refill the medicine cabinet with ibuprofen and saline rinses? Be Prepared is a motto teacher share with scouts.

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