>prepping the produce for the freezer

>I had great plans. I was going to use my big, bold food processor to dice the fresh chives from the garden and then freeze a few jars for winter use. Great idea, right? Wrong. I tried three different blades, and none of them diced the chives evenly. This is what I got.

So…. I diced the pile by hand with a sharp knife, dropped the results into two small glass jars, labeled the jars, and placed the jars in the freezer. The good news: chives were done. The bad news: I still had a batch of green onions waiting for me.

I did these by hand.

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3 thoughts on “>prepping the produce for the freezer

  1. >I like it when I can learn from someone else's trials and errors! I'll just go straight for the knife with my green onions!

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