>Potential: herbs in their new home


Hmmm… no green yet. Soon, though. This nice holder and pot are right outside the door to the dining room. We can slip out to harvest herbs while we’re cooking; it’ll take only seconds.

In fact, here’s the long view. The chair in the background has potential of its own. It’s an old one with a couple of spindles missing, not very strong overall. Perfect: for a plant holder. Husband plans to cut a hole in the seat, and then I’ll paint it to match or coordinate with the deck. I’ll do my best to keep it solid colors; polka dots won’t be quite as becoming on this style of furniture.

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5 thoughts on “>Potential: herbs in their new home

  1. >Love the chair idea! And you've inspired me…we've never had good luck with indoor herb gardening, but might be able to handle a small outdoor one. Thanks!

  2. >I like your blog, so are you a teacher? I enjoyed your book review farther down. the promises of a garden are thrilling I may get to pick some of our first squash tomorrow!

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