>Post-holiday let-down and laundry, again, still.

>I didn’t have enough baskets to sort laundry this weekend. You guessed it; the daughter’s home! And she brought her entire wardrobe, dirty! I think the only clean clothes she brought home were the pieces she was wearing. Add that to my holiday stresses and my PMS, and there is one unhappy mama in this house.
She’d been home two days when she asked, “Mom, are you, like, going to do laundry anytime soon? I need pants and underwear.” This was in the evening on a school night, mind you. I was worn out from dealing with kiddos too wired for learning and too old to believe that “Santa’s watching, you’d better behave.” Well, I did it anyway: she sorted out the main necessary items, I threw them in the wash, and she made it a few more days.
The day after Christmas I sorted ours and then asked for hers. She gave me a hamper full of hoodie sweatshirts, sweaters, and tanks and thin tees for layering. Almost everything was to go in the delicate cycle.
The result? Four overflowing baskets for the delicate cycle, not enough Woolite, and one cranky mama off her routine.
I’m ready for a coffee break, I’ve filled two baskets with clean, and the laundry room still looks like a tornado hit and left the contents of her closet behind. How did she ever manage to last that long without doing laundry on her own?
Last year I stocked up on underwear for the entire family with the goal that any one of us could go at least two weeks without washing clothes. I think I bought her too much!

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3 thoughts on “>Post-holiday let-down and laundry, again, still.

  1. >I raised four and once they each graduated from high school they were on their own for laundry. It was worth a little extra water every month.

  2. >As there is no laundry captain in our home my husband and I each do our own laundry.

    My two children have been doing their own laundry since they were about 10- 12 years old. As a grown man my son can fold a t-shirt better and faster than anyone I have ever seen!

    You wear it– you wash it! has always been the rule.

  3. >My grown kids are laundry pros, too. However, in the days when one would come home with tons of laundry to do, it was sometimes easier for me to help get it done than to have it laying around for days. My daughter tried the two-weeks-worth-of-underwear trick, and she still runs out.

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