I’m de-cluttering and de-junking again. Maybe I should say still. As I’m pushing the thick winter sweaters back on the shelves and bringing forward the lighter ones, I’m tossing a few into the ever present bag for thrift donations. Chuck is cleaning out the garage in preparation for its demolition and replacement in a few weeks, and there are items we can donate or sell outright.

Meanwhile, I’m making certain I get all of the wellness “rewards” I’ve earned. I grumble each year, but each year I find myself going through the motions like a rat in search of cheese or a donkey following a carrot. I get blood drawn, take the online health self-assessment, and I’m considering whether it’s worth my time to complete one of their online programs. What’s it worth, really? At this point, I’ve already earned $75 worth of gift cards. The online program would earn another $25. Hm. Think. Think. Think.

De-junking the house will make it easier to clean. I detest cleaning, so making it easier is a good thing. It’s not earning or saving any pennies, though, unless you count the money I’m not spending to hire a cleaning crew.

My products on Teachers Pay Teachers have been selling steadily. I plan to upload a few more when I get time – in June, most likely. It keeps the PayPal account active. Now, the dilemma. Should I sell my teacher books on eBay? And should I sell Amigo’s old baseball tee to Play it Again Sports, or is there a better outlet for that kind of thing? Anything like this will fill the penny jar a wee bit more.

Advice, peeps? What’s the best way to get a few dollars from the de-cluttering process? I welcome your comments.

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3 thoughts on “Pennywise

  1. I’ve usually had good luck at Play it Again, at the very least for store credit.
    Sounds like you have a great big project under way, but it will feel SO GOOD to get cleaned out. I did that recently in our living room and it’s so relaxing to have LESS there.

  2. Gift cards are fun to donate to local charities such as the harbor house or community clothes closet. They are very gracious to recipients and you are able to deduct the donation on your taxes giving you another $25.

  3. I have an idea. I can save you $$$ with garage demolition. My friend Paul has some old dynamite we have been wanting to use.

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