On a lovely autumn Saturday —

1. Go to market, to market, to buy apples if they’re available. Applesauce stock in the basement is already dwindling. I take that as a sign that it’s good and I should make more.

To Market, To Market! update

2. City Slipper invited bloggers to post what they’re eating from their gardens. Here? Tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes. Last night’s variation: BLTs. Butternut squash call my name today – or maybe salad with cherry tomatoes.

tomatoes, tomahtoes – and Chuck wanted a zippy pepper

3. Eating the opponent returns! Last week we had Chicago style pizza with a sauce made from garden tomatoes. This week the Packers play Seattle. I sense Starbucks coffee in my future.

How about you, readers? I’ll add updates as the weekend goes on.

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