Notes on the First Farmers’ Market of the Season

Note to self: Go early. By 10:15 all the asparagus was gone, and strawberries supplies were selling like hotcakes. Not that hotcakes are a bad thing; Chuck turned 3 peaches into a fruity pancake lunch.

Note to self: hold wheeled bag close to self. Three other shoppers ran into or over the bag. One said, “Excuse me,” but the others glared at me. ?$@#!? I wasn’t the only one with a bag on wheels or a wagon – not by a long shot. I was run over by a toddler’s stroller and a fast walker. The women with a wheelchair was more polite than either of the others.

Note to self: Take time. Inhale. Egg rolls, roasted corn, strawberries, and more decorate the air. There are at least three coffee shops on the main drag, too. Mmm.

Note to self: Overrule Chuck when necessary. At first he wanted to buy strawberries, then he didn’t, and eventually I made the decision myself. Self, trust self’s opinion and experience.

Note to self: Make notes. Bring a list. Take inventory on Friday nights. Sorghum, honey, maple syrup, fresh cheeses – all are available downtown at the Farmers’ Market. Be ready to buy!

Note to self: Take time. Listen. Buskers, young violinists, and more musicians dot the avenue and provide entertainment.

Note to self: bring more bags. We came home with three plastic bags today in addition to using our own cloth. Where did that vinyl book bag go? It was perfect for berries because it washed so well.

Note to self: Enjoy. See below.

The take, spread out in the kitchen.

Note to self: View the afternoon to-do list – see below. Ah, it’s summertime.


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3 thoughts on “Notes on the First Farmers’ Market of the Season

  1. I am so jealous! We live in the desert and the Farmer’s Markets here are nothing compared to what I was used to from living in Southern California. However, we have lucked into a produce co-op that has been absolutely fantastic so far. We can’t pick what we get, but it has been fun trying new stuff. Also, everything is super fresh!
    What’s your plan for the strawberries? They are *very* good this year! Do the bunnies get some? I gave our bunny a strawberry the other day and he gobbled it up like it was the tastiest thing he’d ever eaten!

    • Crista, my bunny isn’t fond of strawberry hulls. Some of our pet bunnies have loved them, but not this one. They end up in the compost instead.

  2. And while you were there, we were “next door” on campus enjoying reunion activities. Several classmates of mine made it down the block to check out the Farm Market – they thought it was great!

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