>Name or identity crisis?

>You might be a substitute teacher if people greet you in the morning by asking, “Who are you today?”

You might be an elementary student if you spend your last days of school cleaning. The cleaning list is fairly long, and I like to start early. My students returned their library books two weeks ago. They turned in their textbooks on Monday. They cleaned the excess papers from their desks almost daily. I sent home notebooks and folders each day as we finished the last science class. The last social studies class. The last math class. And so on, and so on, etc., etc.

Elementary students still get a charge out of bringing home their official laminated name tags. There’s one on the locker, there’s another on the desk, and there might be another on the desk they use in Mr. Science Guy’s room when we switch classes. Taking these home is a simple pleasure. Sometimes, they do something else with the name tags. Like, well, share them.

After I took this picture, Juan distributed the tags around the class. No one went home with his/her own name tag, but everyone went home wearing someone!

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6 thoughts on “>Name or identity crisis?

  1. >My son, a former second grader, has his laminated desk tag on his bedroom door now. It’s a star, that’s their school mascot…he attends North Elementary, so they’re the North Stars…cute, huh? It’s funny, he’s been going through a “that’s too baby-ish phase” lately and is totally into “tough guy” stuff: wrestling, Indiana Jones, super heroes, rock music, etc. But he came flying in on his last day with that smiling star name tag and promptly put it on his bedroom door. I thought that was so funny!

  2. >LOl…good one…I can just hear the parents…Um, Suzy…why do you have Chico’s nametag??

  3. >I always find it hard to part with the plastic name tags I get at conferences I attend.

    What does that say about me?


  4. >Oh, that’s cute. I love seeing all the stuff he brought home from kindergarten, but no laminated name tag. I did discover his student ID.

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