>Musings with the remote control in the morning

>On watching morning television, a pastime not usually on my list:
Local news is full of layoffs. I feel lucky to have a secure job — for the moment. Husband has to cover these layoffs in his TV news job. Tough to handle. I think I’ll change the channel.
Morning television can be ridiculous sometimes. The hosts just randomly called someone, asked them to name the presidents on Mt. Rushmore. They could only get two. My fourth graders can answer that! I think I’ll change the channel.
Spring cleaning advice! Vinegar water solution and crumpled newspaper to clean a mirror or a window. That’s old news, people. The cleaning staff at my school use a vinegar-water mix to clean chalkboards. I associate the scent of vinegar with clean — or with Husband’s German potato salad. Change channels again.
International news is talking about head injuries and kids. Sad, but useful information. I’m on break; I want something less stressful. Change channels!
Weather!! “Very nice weekend.” Now we’re talking! It’ll still be cold here. I hope it warms up enough that I can dig in my garden. Ooh, these commercials are really bad. At least I can laugh at them.
Click. Click. Click. Click. All these channels – and nothing on! More coffee, maybe I’ll turn it off and browse the blogs.
That’s the answer. I’m on break. No guilt, just relaxation. Browsing the blogosphere, here I come!

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3 thoughts on “>Musings with the remote control in the morning

  1. >Yeah I watch the tv shows I like online. And I read news online haha. Jon & Kate Plus 8 and 18 Kids and Counting are the only shows I watch on tv anymore.

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