>Mom’s playing in the dirt! And she likes it!

>Assignment: Why do you enjoy weeding? Explain. Support your thesis with details or pictures.

I enjoy weeding because I can see progress. My garden is divided into small sections, set apart by my stepping “stones” made from old deck and fence pieces. I set a goal of weeding one section at a time. When that’s done, I can quit weeding or choose to finish another section. This is a managable goal; I feel productive when I can see the results in one part of the plot. It spares me the frustration of not “finishing” the whole thing, which is of course an impossible goal. Today I chose one triangular section of the garden and weeded out the many mini maples that flew in from the lot behind ours. If I ever abandon this small plot of ground behind my garage, I predict the mini maples will take over, leaving room for a blanket of clover underneath. But for now, look out maples! I have garden gloves and I know how to use them. Bwahahahaha!

Below, left: Mini Maple Farm Below, right: Mini Maple Farm battling with Zucchini squash

Who will win this dramatic battle of wills? Stay tuned for more, on Mom’s Playing in the Dirt.

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4 thoughts on “>Mom’s playing in the dirt! And she likes it!

  1. >I had to read the question twice. I guess the thought that anyone enjoys weeding never crossed my mind 🙂

    I do love gardening, just not the weeding. It gets my fingernails filthy and I hate wearing gloves because I can’t really get at the little things with them on.

  2. >We moved into our first (and only) house 9 years ago, after a long time living in apartments.

    We thought that it would be so nice to garden.

    Then we discovered that “gardening” is really a euphemism for “weeding”.

    We do some “gardening”, but most of the time the weeds get the best of us.


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