>Mini lesson du jour: book care

>Pet peeves can be contagious. I caught this one from one of my favorite reading teachers. If you’re reading around me, never never place your book face down on a counter or table or dressertop. Such carelessness ruins the bindings. Since my classroom books have to last many years, I reinforce paperback bindings with book tape and teach kids to use bookmarks. I model this behavior in my own life as well.

The picture above was an “After” from a before/after set, It’s still not immaculate, and never will be. The pile between the “bookends” is a pile of unorthodox bookmarks.

Tickets. I rarely throw away tickets. I don’t scrapbook, but I use the tickets from plays and concerts and sporting events as bookmarks. This small act preserves the book bindings and provides a new life for a reusable piece of cardstock.

I do own a few nicer, good quality bookmarks, all treasured gifts. But the ticket bookmarks come in handy; I always keep a few next to my favorite reading chairs, along with a coaster for my coffee cup, of course.

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