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Lunch – sometimes it’s exhausting to plan a week’s worth of lunches. I usually put the leftovers together at night, and if I don’t have something I like I’ll make a sandwich or a salad. I haven’t taken the cafeteria lunch since…well, in quite a while. Maybe I should – or I should at least read the menu.

From a coworker —

According to the lunch menu, today we’ll be having seasoned refined beans. How sophisticated! 

She pointed out the error to the cafeteria staff, and they were clueless. They simply stared. The worst part? She said the refried beans weren’t very good.

So in honor of the cafeteria’s “Refined Beans” I give you – ten ways to use leftover frijoles, or refried beans.

  1. Use to thicken a bean soup.
  2. Serve atop Spanish rice.
  3. Add to tacos.
  4. Add to Calico Beans (Calico Beans are already a mix of flavors.)
  5. Mix into a meatloaf before cooking.
  6. Mix with chicken fajitas.
  7. Serve swirled in a cheesy salsa.
  8. Heat up with leftover rice and corn.
  9. Hide in leftover chili.
  10. Refine it with chili peppers and a margarita. You won’t know the difference.

Luckily for me, we ordered Chinese on Friday. I only ate half, and I saved the rest for Monday’s lunch. If only I had an extra fortune cookie.

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  1. It’s difficult to be the one who finds misspellings leaping out of the text in your face! Truly, some folks never see them.

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