>Love is — family conversation

>Ever since last summer’s lightning strike, we’ve been very careful. The conversations in our house run something like this.

Husband: I hear thunder.
Daisy: I’ll turn off the computer.
Husband: Don’t forget to unplug the modem!
La Petite: Must you be so paranoid?
Daisy and Husband: YES.

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3 thoughts on “>Love is — family conversation

  1. >We just had a multitude of storms run through in the last few days. WOW…you forget how loud they can get! Our power was off and we were reading by lamplight…enjoying each others company. I rather liked it!

  2. >It’s the opposite in my house – I run around unplugging things while my hubby laughs at me. The house behind us got struck last year and it scared the daylights out of me!

  3. >We had an awful storm three Fridays ago and lost power from 7 or so in the evening until 1:30 on Saturday afternoon. The kids were having withdrawal symptoms: no TV, computer, ACK!

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