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I was searching for an appropriate encore post, and instead I found one paragraph that struck a chord with me.

Part of the locavore menu involves eating what’s ripe and in season. By the time it’s our of season, we’ll be tired of it and ready to move on to something else. About the time my family rebels and shouts out “No More Rhubarb, Mom!” strawberries will be coming into their prime. Then I can mix strawberry-rhubarb pie, strawberry-rhubarb crisp, strawberry-rhubarb dump cake — bwahahahaha! Just kidding, family. I’ll be more creative than that. Maybe.

That was a spring post from May 2011.

More recently, the family has complained about some of my overuse – well, they’ve warned me not to go there. I stocked up on squash at the last farmers’ market. 6 squash for $5! How could I go wrong? Oh. Wait. Never ask a question unless I really want to know the answer, right? I learned that years ago while substitute teaching.

The family, a.k.a. Da Boyz, a.k.a. Chuck and Amigo, cautioned me not to feed them squash every day – like I’d served too much asparagus last June. 

Oops. I guess I’d better turn to the freezer and the hot water bath canner instead of feeding them the same in-season vegetables over and over.

Oh, dear, and I just planted an asparagus bed. It’ll be ready to harvest in a couple of years, and then we’ll have lots of asparagus. Lots.

Honey, maybe we need a new freezer. Honey?

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