Life changes all too quickly.

I’m fighting a virus. Bronchial cough, cold, headache, and exhaustion all together in one package. This is the first major illness since I left the contagion that is regular public school to teach virtual. Based on that, Chuck thinks it’s a computer virus. Ha. Ha. Cough.

My television interview might finally air locally. I’m not sure what angle the reporter will take; she seemed to be a bit scattered. I think I sent her in the direction of the PR that we really wanted, rather than focusing on me.

Amigo is coming home. The Hogwarts program is excellent, but he is simply not fully ready to live and cope on his own. It’s heart wrenching for all of us.

Laundry. These usual chores don’t go away, even when the world is spinning in reverse. I’m sitting next to the humidifier while the washer spins.

Parent-teacher conferences happen this week. At our school, we put in the hours, but we meet or call very few parents. Why? We are in touch with them regularly as it is. Our virtual school’s structure increases communication with students and parents. It’s one of my favorite parts of teaching at WCA.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for comfort food. Chicken soup, perhaps, to soothe the body and all of our aching souls.

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