>Laughter is the best medicine

>I was teaching text features that signal importance, and I noticed one student took the concept of bulleted lists and ran with it. I saw her to-do list for the weekend sitting on her desk.

  • Get mom to take me to Walgreens.
  • Ask mom for money.

I think she’s mastered the concept.

More robo-calls arrived earlier in the week. The first one: “Your child has been marked absent from one or more classes.” I called the school, talked to Amigo, and tracked down the error. It was an office error, of course. However, they couldn’t fix it; the secretary who handles the first half of the alphabet had left at 3:00. The secretary on the line told me she was certain everything would be fine in the morning.
Well, it wasn’t fine at night. An hour later we got another robo-call from the school with the same recorded script: “Your child has been marked absent from one or more classes….”
I have to laugh or I’d beat my head on the wall. Laughing feels a lot less painful.

Got milk? Read this. It’s a laugh out loud, snort milk out the nose kind of story.

Have a wonderful and laughter-filled weekend.

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