>It’s genetic: I get it from my children.

>Mother’s Day: the annual opportunity to tell the kids that no, I don’t want to go out to brunch and stand in line with all the other mothers who tried to tell their kids that really, they didn’t need to go out, either.
Wait, that’s not me. We usually eat at home.
Mother’s Day: the annual opportunity to celebrate or complain about those lovely inherited traits that Mom passed along.
Long ago, I posted a list of ten traits I have in common with my son, Amigo. A few days later I posted a companion piece, a top ten list of traits I share with my daughter. Are these lists still true? Let’s find out.

Ten things I have in common with my son, Amigo
1. We’re both disabled. Yes, this remains true. He is vision impaired and has Asperger’s Syndrome. I am hearing impaired.
2. We like to go out for lunches and brunches, especially in the summer. This tradition will continue when school is out. Funday Friday, here we come!
3. Both of us have a tendency to get anxious in new and difficult situations. He’s gotten a little better at coping, which lessens the stress on me as well.
4. We bond over Trivia. Amigo’s expertise lies in the areas of sports venues and college teams, among others. He’s amazing.
5. Green Bay Packer football! He is a cheesehead through and through. We’re both appalled at the idea of Favre becoming a Minnesota Viking.
La Petite shares #5 with us. Favre? Say it isn’t so!

After I wrote my list of ten about Amigo, I promised La Petite I’d write about her, too. She responded, with her voice positively gooey and dripping, “Ooo, I feel so special.”
1. We share a talent for sarcasm.
2. We enjoy shoes. She loves her Converse All-Stars, and I actually enjoy taking her shopping for shoes because it’s so much fun.
3. We don’t mind getting dirt under our nails. she is good with flowers; I take charge of the vegetable garden.
4. We can share a box of mixed chocolates without conflict. She likes the milk chocolate, while I prefer the dark.
5. We enjoy our caffeine. She lives on Mt. Dew, and I love my coffee.

We do pretty well, my kiddos and me. We have enough in common to enjoy each other, when I’m not embarrassing them or driving them crazy with my hovering and worry. I’m cold, put on a sweater! Wash your hands! Don’t forget your cell phone! Call me! I mean it!

In honor of Mothers’ Day, Parent Bloggers Network is calling attention to the Celebrity Hand Me Down Auction running from May 7th to May 14th on eBay. If you’re not bidding on something from Jessica Alba or Gwyneth Paltrow there, do something nice in your own area for your own mom or another special woman in your life. We’re tentatively planning a potluck at our house. With everyone here, it’ll be like Thanksgiving, but better weather!

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5 thoughts on “>It’s genetic: I get it from my children.

  1. >Great list! I can already see so much of myself in the boys, it’s a little frightening (but pretty cool at the same time).

  2. >Brett can just jump in a partially frozen lake.

    I love your lists! Hmm. Maybe I’ll do that with my own children in today’s blog.

    I asked my Hunny to make fajitas for Mother’s Day. He makes killer fajitas. It’s especially nice since I’ll only be home and awake for an hour or so on Sunday.

  3. >What a fun post! I love this idea–that is such a tribute to your children. I’d love mine to know what of me I see in them.

  4. >Great list!!

    This made me think about how blogs help us to see the people and not stereo type so much.

    If you didn’t tell us we wouldn’t know about your hearing. I’m dyslexia, have irlen syndrome and some chronic health problems but again if I don’t say anything you wouldn’t know.

    I think it’s a great way for everyone to get to know people of all races and with all disabilities and put aside the ideas we have of what others are like and get to know the people. 🙂

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