>It’s coming…the holiday is looming…must plan.

>Since the fabled fairies of Thanksgiving won’t be here, we started preparing for Thanksgiving ourselves. Here’s the menu.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Thursday November 27, 2008
Tables will be ready at 1:00

Appetizers: Various pickles & olives
Cut veggies & dip.
Deviled eggs
Breads from Daisy’s parental units the Maternal side of the family) and brother & his wife

Entree: Turkey
Sides: Stuffing
Traditional Mashed Potatoes
Yukon Gold Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Packer Veggies
Brown Sugared Baby Carrots
1-2-3 Cranberry Sauce by Amigo
Jello from Maternal side of family
Rolls from Maternals and Brother & SIL

Desserts: Pies from maternals and SIL (Brother, I know you won’t do the baking, it’s okay)
Whipped topping and Vanilla ice cream from Husband’s parental units

Beverages: Milk
Various sodas
Coffees, flavored and traditional
Wine & Lambic

Parental Units on the Paternal Side have already assisted us with Tablecloths and a table
La Petite is letting us use a dorm fridge to help with beverages

Husband shopped for the majority of the goodies today. I picked up the coffees, since Tinkerbell won’t be here to do it. We started cleaning today, too. The turkey rests in the refrigerator, the tablecloths and napkins have been through the laundry, and the sides and appetizers will be on my list over the next few days so we’re not too overwhelmed to socialize on Thursday.

I think we’ll make it. Gobble gobble!!

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