It’s all political.

Last month, my school district sent a referendum to its voters. The voters responded by saying, “Yes! We’re willing to pay in a little bit more to support our schools.” I did my part by posting a sign.

A campaign sign is a visible, tangible symbol of support. Mine was more tangible than visible because we were hit with (yet another) snowstorm just before the election.

Really. There's a sign here.

Really. There’s a sign here.

When the snow melts enough, I’ll pull it out and reuse the stand somewhere in the garden. Reusing and repurposing political signs is just another way to make a statement: the statement that my convictions last beyond election day.

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2 thoughts on “It’s all political.

  1. Used political signs are great. I put no trespassing signs on them to protect my hunting land. That eliminates the need for putting nails in trees. Daisy, be proud of me for doing something green.

    They also make great shooting targets in the woods.

    Re: the election.
    Fortunately for the school board that it was bitterly cold and a very low voter turnout. If the board had waited for a general election I don’t think the referendums would have won. Personally I am unhappy with a $15/ month increase in taxes. Our income has only seen loss in the past 6 years. Serious loss.

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