It’s a crazy, amazing world.

Officially, I was out of school on Friday, June 6, as soon as I had my progress reports handed in and my cubicle cleaned. It didn’t feel that way, though.

I turned in my progress reports, cleaned my cubicle, and then took off to pick up Amigo at his sister’s apartment in Lake Geneva. We were on the road home when Amigo realized he’d forgotten his wallet. La Petite met us midway, and we were on track again.

Saturday was a busy day and a napping day. Amigo left for camp Sunday, so he spent Saturday doing his laundry and I helped – a little.

Sunday we took him to camp.

Monday could have been  my first day of Summer Break, but I signed up for a training session that lasted four days. as Thursday ended, I gave a deep sigh of relief.

Then, Friday, we drove to camp to pick him up and bring him home. Still busy, not feeling the break yet.

Saturday and Sunday I did relax a little, but I did it with La Petite. She needed a little moral support for a few days, and I was available.

Well, folks, now it’s Monday, and it’s not going to be a manic Monday. I’m done traveling (for now), and I plan to stay at home, do my own laundry, and weed parts of the garden. I might even sleep in and/or take a nap.  If you’re expecting a lot out of me, you’ll have to wait.


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