>Is the thermometer broken?

>Part of Husband’s job involves working at Lambeau Field on game days. He was on the field a few weeks ago along with a team from (ahem) the Southern realm of the NFL. He was dressed for what we called Moderate Cold Weather, but the guys from down south had a hard time dealing with the change in temperature from the blue skies of home.

In a case like this, we Northerners take pride in our toughness, our knowledge of how to dress, our attitudes in dealing with extreme weather.

One of the Southern Staffers caught a glimpse of a thermometer and threw (in my teen’s words) a total fit. “It’s so cold there’s no temperature!”

It was Zero Degrees Fahrenheit.

I hesitate to imagine how he would deal with the concept of wind chills below zero.

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2 thoughts on “>Is the thermometer broken?

  1. >Current temp in Michigan: 9 degrees F, FEELS like -2 F… and I’m loving every second of it!

    I’m just over here from Griddle Bandits – I hope you and your family have a fabulous holiday!!

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