>Influenza – it’s on its way to your neighborhood


I mentioned last week that I feel grateful I don’t have to face flu season in my class this year. There are several reasons.
1. I’m less likely to get sick. Even though I faithfully get a flu vaccine every year, some strains can slip through. Being on extended leave of absence takes me out of the main drag for spreading viruses.
2. Preparing make-up work. Some students can work at home. Some can’t; they’re too sick to concentrate, or their parents can’t (or won’t) make it to school to pick up the work.
3. Collecting and recording make-up work. This is a huge time investment.
4. Changing the pace of instruction – reteaching, slowing down, catching up everyone.
Last year my class was hit hard by H1N1. Out of twenty-one students, I had between five and ten students gone on any given day for close to three weeks.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) focuses a lot of its resources toward flu research. Anyone can benefit from that information by looking up free resources at the CDC’s flu pages. There are
Around my house, the only thing spreading is NFL Football Playoff Fever, and I’d like to keep it that way. Go! Pack! Go!
Graphic at top from www.flu.gov. There is more information at www.cdc.gov.flu. This is not a paid post; I was asked by the CDC to help get the word out, and I agreed. I’ve seen the impact of influenza on families; if I can help minimize the number of children who get sick, I’m happy to help.

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