>In Which totally meaningless moments make my day

>I can’t tell you about my day. I’ve tried and tried, but it just comes out sounding whiny and petulant. Instead, I’ll tell you about the trivial items: the things that don’t matter, or shouldn’t matter.

Random act of kindness: I found the copy machine in mid-job running packets for someone and out of paper. I refilled it, let the packets finish, and then did my copying. And then – I left my book in the copy room. Urgh.

Lunch time entertainment: third grader down the hall who doesn’t even know me came up, called me by name (teachers’ names are common knowledge), and showed me her loose tooth. “Look, I know it’s going to come out today!” Fifteen minutes later (on my way to the copy room), I saw her in the post-lunch line holding a little envelope and sporting a huge grin. She was right; the wiggly tooth had only lasted a few more minutes!

Two kiddos got sick within minutes of each other this morning. The first came back after having her temp taken, but felt a little under the weather all day. The second went home looking flushed and feeling feverish. Fifth Disease is running through the school; I wonder if she had/has it. It’s highly contagious, so I might be next. Flu? Who needs it? We have plenty of viruses in our own without letting any flying piggies in.

I made myself coffee (saves me money; I do this a lot) and brought it to school in a small thermos. It’s the perfect size – about two mugs of decent coffee. Then I left the thermos at school. Sigh; I can use my backup insulated mug. I just don’t want to carry both home tomorrow after school.

Amigo’s Concert Attire is due tomorrow. He’ll have to dress casual/dressy for the final concert in another week. Will he know how? We’ll see. Could be fun! I always enjoy his concerts.

And finally, last but never least, I planted zucchini squash after school. Beans, peas, and squash are now in. Rain? Bring it on!

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4 thoughts on “>In Which totally meaningless moments make my day

  1. >I love reading your blogs about teaching because my hubby is a teacher.

    Today is his birthday and his homeroom found out and sang to him. 🙂

    It’s easy to pick out the good teachers by what there students do for them. I bet you are very loved. 🙂

  2. >Not too many more frustrating days left before school’s out right? And I’ll take some of that zucchini if you have an over abundance. Zucchini bread is the only way I can get Spike to eat veggies!!

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