>I’m not the only one fending off pandemic fears.

>One of my wonderful friends at work told me that another of our leaders has been deluged by emails asking if we have a plan in place in case bird flu hits our workplaces. That got me thinking again. Remember the lines in Beauty and the Beast?
Gaston sings, “I’ve been thinking.”
His henchman responds “A dangerous pastime.”
Gaston: “I know.”
So…I’ve been thinking again. Are we ready if a major illness hits our locale? Local news talked about it a few days ago. The topic came up over lunch today.
The answer: pretty darn close. We have a good stock of canned food in the pantry. My freezer is packed. I can add a few stock-up items to the shopping list next week if I feel really panicked, which I don’t.
Some years the annual influenza strain hits hard, and some years it doesn’t. If a true pandemic hits, it won’t hit tomorrow. It’ll give me a few days, more likely weeks, to stock up. From a practical standpoint, I’m more likely to be stocking the shelves for my foot surgery than for a pandemic of avian flu.
So I’ll keep washing my hands regularly, cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze, and stock the medicine cabinet with anti-inflammatory drugs. Oh, I stocked up on those last week.
What am I thinking? I need to sit down, relax, and stock up on good fiction instead of canned soups. Heck, I should be picking up snacks for the Super Bowl! And that’s ten days away.

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