>I’ll wear my necklace if you’ll top my pop.

>In a fine example of upcycling, a nearby charter school made bottle cap necklaces to sell as a fundraiser. I bought a daisy, of course. It’s just my style in so many ways.

This is the back. We’ve asked around and Hubs even did a cursory Internet search, and we have no idea what kind of bottle this cap adorned.

A cone-head style guy saying, “Pop My Top.” Well, readers, ideas? Is this a regional item? A soda/pop bottle, or something else? I’m listening — chime in!

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5 thoughts on “>I’ll wear my necklace if you’ll top my pop.

  1. >I don't know what/where it's from, but what a way cool idea! I love it, if you see them for sale again, or have a card let me know!

  2. >Bottle tops are just FUN. We bought a case of Ting to help celebrate Easter weekend and spring break. I must find something clever to do with all the bottle tops!

  3. >No idea where the cap came from, but I love the necklace! I've seen something similar around here using Scrabble tiles. The vendor packed up her stuff before I could get one though. 🙁 Be sure to let us know if you ever find out the origin of that cap.

  4. >This is a cap from the Point Brewery located in Stevens Point, WI. They make all kinds of specialty beers but also root beer.

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